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Fatal Accident at Port of Lisbon

Fatal Accident at Port of Lisbon
March 07th, 2018 by SecGen

 On the 28th of February, at around 0100, the Portuguese maritime pilot, Captain Miguel Conceição, Port of Lisbon, had a fatal accident while disembarking from the Hong Kong flagged MV Singapore Express in Cascais Bay. 

The results from the autopsy have not yet been disclosed and the investigation is still ongoing.

From what is known:

Capt. Conceição fell into the water from a low height;

Apparently he did not hit either the pilot boat or the vessel;

The crew from the vessel immediately sent a buoy with a line that he grabbed;

The effort to recover Captain Miguel Conceição by the pilot boat was hampered by severe weather with swells reportedly up to 4 metres;

His body was recovered from the sea, about one hour later, with the assistance of the pilot boat and a Cascais lifeboat.

The incident is under investigation.

The MV Singapore Express was sailing from Lisbon to Tanger-Med in Morocco.

On behalf of all European Pilots, the EMPA President, the Secretary General and the Board extended their most sincere condolences to the family of Captain Miguel Conceição and to all colleagues in the Port of Lisbon.

They also express their gratitude to the Captain and crew of the MV Singapore Express, the crew of the pilot boat, the lifeboat and the first responders for their efforts in trying to save the life of our colleague.