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membership subscriptions 2023 - 2024

A1  –   Duly Authorised Pilots of any Ports of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, including Deep Sea Pilotage License holders, whose Pilotage Authorities are under the control and jurisdiction of the Department for Transport.

A2  –   Qualified pilots working in other areas of Crown jurisdiction including but not limited to, the Ministry of Defence, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

B  –    Associate professional members, being those pilots working overseas and outside of Crown jurisdiction.  Members in categories A1 and A2 shall be known as Ordinary Members.  Should a member covered by category B membership revert to working within an area of Crown jurisdiction she/he will be required to take up Ordinary Membership, as appropriate.

A1 and A2:

UKMPA Membership – £32.00 /mth.  (Includes membership of EMPA and IMPA)

Unite Membership – Basic: £14.95 /mth.          For all Unite options click HERE

UKMPA Associate Membership – £32.00 /mth.  (Includes membership of EMPA and IMPA)

UKMPA Membership – £10.00 /mth.

UKMPA Membership – £32.00 /year.

NB. Monthly UKMPA & Unite subscriptions are collected separately by Direct Debit.

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