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Pilots' Mental Health and Wellbeing

Pilots' Mental Health and Wellbeing

Pilots face unique working conditions which can put them under a lot of stress. KVH Videotel are offering free access to their new training package: Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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EMPA 2019 Liverpool

EMPA 2019 Liverpool

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Report an Incident

Report an Incident

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Welcome to The UK maritime Pilots Association

Welcome to The UK Maritime Pilots’ Association

In the United Kingdom, 95% of goods imported and exported pass through our seaports.

The United Kingdom Maritime Pilots’ Association (UKMPA) is the representative professional body for Maritime Pilots in the United Kingdom. Marine Pilots are highly skilled experts authorised to pilot ships in their respective districts. Taking the navigational conduct of the world’s largest vessels during the often most hazardous part of their voyage. The fundamental purpose of maritime pilotage is to ensure safety, security, environmental protection and port efficiency.

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Call for Papers

The United Kingdom Maritime Pilots Association (UKMPA) has the honour of hosting the European Maritime Pilots Association (EMPA) bi-annual conference in Liverpool in May 2019. In 2017 (Bergen) 2015 (Lisbon) and 2013 (Valetta), over 200 senior maritime delegates from around the world attended. There is also a supporting exhibition and there will be a gala dinner at the Anglican Cathedral on the 24th May.

We are now calling for abstracts of papers to be presented at the conference.

Abstracts should be submitted to chairman@ukmpa.org by 1stDecember 2018. They should be no longer than one page and should include the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s), the name(s) of those who will present it and the details of their work address, including the company or organisation name, address, telephone number and email address.


The conference programme will explore the following themes:

Implications for pilotage in Europe After Brexit

Pilots’ personal Safety

Technological Developments and Innovation

Tugs and Towage

Implications of LNG fuels on ship manoeuvring

Future Requirements for Ports and Shipping Industry

We will also consider any other items that are topical, informative and of interest to the Pilotage Industry

Please note that, in common with most such events, the organisers are not able to reimburse speaker’s travelling and accommodation costs but all selected speakers will be provided with a complimentary conference registration.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 1st February 2019. Papers and presentations must then be submitted by 1st April 2019.











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United Kingdom MariTime Pilots' Association


IMPA Pilot ladder survey 2018 Report

IMPA Pilot ladder survey 2018 Report

Published on November 26th, 2018


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IAIN Congress 2018

2018 IAIN World Congress

Hosted by: Japan
Date: 28 November 2018

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United Kingdom MariTime Pilots' Association
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