The UKMPA is excited to announce the dates of our 136th Conference focusing on “The Pilot-Tug relationship” and “Pilots – The Value of the Human Element”.

Our annual Conference will be held at The Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate from the 19th – 21st November 2024.

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Representing UK Maritime Pilots.

The UKMPA represents more than 500 highly skilled UK Maritime Pilots.

Their role is to safely navigate ships in and out of the United Kingdom’s waterways and ports.

This undertaking is critical to protecting the country’s infrastructure and environment from damage and pollution, whilst ensuring the safe and efficient movement of 95% (by volume) of the UK imports and exports.

About the UKMPA

About the UKMPA.

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AMPI Conference 2024

24th - 26th June 2024, Port Moresby, PNG

136th UKMPA Conference & AGM 2024

Our annual Conference will be held at The Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate from the 19th – 21st November 2024.

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UKMPA Executive.

Hywel started his seagoing career in 1978 as a Deck Cadet. Upon qualifying, Hywel then worked on a variety of ships, from coasters and cable-laying vessels to offshore supply and anchor handling vessels. In the last few years, he served as Captain/Offshore Installation Manager. In 1999, Hywel came ashore and began training as a Pilot with the Port of London Authority. He qualified in early 2000 and progressed to become an Unrestricted Pilot. Currently, Hywel pilots Ultra Large Container ships and Aframax tankers. Within the Port of London, he also works as part of the training team in the simulator and as a member of the Ports Training Panel. In 2014, Hywel joined the UKMPA Executive and became Chairman of the organisation in 2021. He promotes safety and knowledge in all areas of the industry and also sits on the Maritime Advisory Board for CHIRP.

Hywel Pugh - Chairman

Chris is an Ultra Large Container Ship specialist at Southampton Port, Additionally, he serves as the Vice Chair of the UKMPA, where he brings enthusiastic engagement and a forward-thinking vision to the professional association. With a history of dedicated service, Chris has played a pivotal role in various initiatives, including his tireless efforts on dangerous ladders campaigns. His collaborative personality and "can-do" attitude make him a valuable asset on any project. Chris is widely recognized for his instrumental role in modernizing the association, energizing the organization, and elevating its global presence. Through strategic initiatives such as revamping the association's magazine into an industry-recognized publication and implementing a new communication and engagement strategy, Chris has positioned the association for success in the modern era.

Christopher Hoyle - Vice Chair

Jason is a seasoned Bristol Pilot, bringing with him a wealth of experience from various port management roles, including Harbour Master, Pilotage Manager, VTS Manager, and Marine Advisor. In his capacity as Treasurer of the UK Maritime Pilots' Association (UKMPA), he has successfully executed a long-term financial strategy, providing the association with a solid foundation for expanding the influence of our profession on a national and international scale.

Recently accredited as an Expert Witness, Jason's profound understanding of pilotage law and insurance enables him to address the diverse queries that regularly come his way from association members. His expertise and commitment contribute significantly to the advancement and advocacy of pilotage professionals.

Jason Wiltshire - Vice Chair/Treasurer

Peter is an outgoing, gregarious individual who enjoys social contact. A serving Tees Bay Pilot and former Humber pilot he came ashore in 1994 after 12 years at sea working on bulk carriers, oil rig supply vessels and Cunard passenger ships. He joined the UKMPA Executive in 2008 and has served as Secretary since 2010. He was elected to the European Maritime Pilots Association board as Vice President in 2019 and re-elected in 2023.

Peter Lightfoot - Secretary

Robert was elected onto the UKMPA executive in 2019. He is the Association’s membership secretary and acts as liaison to the UK Harbour Masters Association. He is currently a First-Class Pilot on the Forth estuary and in Campbeltown. He was previously an Aberdeen Pilot.
As a self employed Pilot of over 20 years experience, Robert has a wealth of experience in handling Pilotage contract matters with commercial CHA’s / SHA’s and Local Authorities. He is happy to discuss related issues with UKMPA members.

Robert Keir - Membership

Meet Alan, a dynamic and dedicated Medway Pilot who has been making waves since joining the Section Committee in July 2022. As the current Vice Treasurer and acting as a bridge to the respected technical and training committee, Alan is perfectly positioned to take on the exciting challenge of delivering the UKMPA conferences. Alan is not just a pilot; he's a passionate advocate for the industry, striving to ensure that pilots are well-represented at all levels. With a diverse background spanning cargo, cruise, and nearly a decade as a Master in the Ferry industry, Alan brings a wealth of experience to the table. Whether navigating the waters of the Medway or steering industry discussions at the highest levels. Alan's energy and expertise make him a valued asset to the Executive and a driving force for positive change within the industry.

Alan Stroud - Vice Treasurer

Chris Grundy is an Unrestricted Pilot at the Port of London Authority, where he also holds an Ultra Large Container Ship Authorization. Joining the Executive team in 2022, Chris brings with him a wealth of experience, having previously served as Chair of London's pilots.

Chris's innate talent for process and attention to detail has proven invaluable, particularly in leading our GDPR compliance efforts. As the UK Maritime Pilots' Association (UKMPA) becomes increasingly engaged, Chris's ability to provide checks and balances is essential.

With extensive experience in two-pilot operations, Chris serves as a valuable asset in driving improvements in best practices. His dedication and expertise make him an integral part of our team at the UKMPA.

Chris Grundy - GDPR Compliance