Specialist Man Overboard & Injury Prevention Workshops – April 2017

A unique programme of two one day events for the sub IMO / sub 24 metre professional sector is being held ‘back to back’ in Southampton UK on 25 & 26 April 2017. The fast moving workshop style programme brings together an international group of experts armed with the latest knowledge to identify problems that affect the maritime sector worldwide - and highlight potential solutions!

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Shock Mitigation
Shock Mitigation
25 & 26 April 2017

Specialist Man Overboard & Injury Prevention Workshops – April 2017

These UKMPA supported events, enable UKMPA members a 20% registration discount. Members are welcome attend single days that are relevant to their areas of interest:-

Southampton: April 2017 – 2 one day Workshops:

  • RS & WBV – WHOLE BODY VIBRATION Workshop – Weds 26 April

10 Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Attend MOB Recovery & Prevention Workshop:

  1. Learn simple solutions that can improve the safety plan(s) for your operations on and around water. 
  2. Understand the man overboard’s perspective and effects of wearing PPE in water. 
  3. Clarify why rapid return to the MOB is essential BUT effective recovery onboard saves lives. 
  4. Learn how vessel design can influence recovery of a casualty. 
  5. Consider what electronic devices are effective aids to location for an MOB. 
  6. Discover how new technology still needs the Mark One Eyeball in a rescue situation. 
  7. Gain knowledge of how rescues are coordinated remotely and in vicinity of the man overboard. 
  8. Consider risks, responsibilities and liability for organisations and individuals from an MOB incident. 
  9. Be part of an industry group sharing experiences and identifying genuine best practice. 
  10. Understand why a joined up approach to prevention, recovery and casualty care is essential. 

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